As well as being an emergency plumber in the local area, we are also specialists in all of the small day to day tasks such as menial repairs to anyb sinks, toilets, radiators and showers. We are therefore fully aware that many people will always try and fix the small tasks in their homes by themselves without the use of a specialist plumber.

Although our recommendation is of course to call us for any size issue to ensure that it is done correctly and professionally, we also like to at least advise the public on using the correct tools for the job if they insist on doing it themselves. The most common tool which is used for many home plumbing issues is the infamous plunger. Many different types of plunger are around so it is important to ensure the use of the correct type. There are three principal types of plunger.

The ‘Cup plunger’ is the one you’re accustomed to seeing in cartoons when you are younger and is perfect for most regular needs as long as you have a flat surface to work with such as a shower or sink drain. For toilets, it is much better to use the specific type with the obvious nozzle on the end. This allows a much better seal which means you have to work less hard to get the same results. ‘Accordion’ plungers look a lot like the gear stick in a car, these are useful for smaller clogs in tighter drains such as sinks and showers and often do a better job than the standard Cup plunger.

Most people are unaware, that the one tool which most people find themselves needing to purchase is a new washer or seal. These are often the things that got damaged first in old pipes and led to many small leaks which grew and caused problems in people’s homes and businesses. Although they are extremely easy to find in your local hardware shop, it is almost impossible to find the exact type you need as a result of the sheer amount of options before you. We therefore recommend to go to professionals such as local plumbing services for any type of job no matter how small to ensure the longevity of the professional standard of plumbing. 

white PVC drain pipe
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Seasonal Issues

Coming into a new season can create different problems for your drains every year. There are however some common problems that we see increasingly as we get into the autumn and then onto winter. One of the most common problems is that the leaves fall off the trees coming into autumn time and if not dealt with immediately can easily get stuck in gutters and drains and can cause an overflow of water or clogged pipes. The best thing to do is to do routine check in autumn every year to make sure that you don’t have a buildup happening in your drainage system. Another common problem is that coming into the holiday season a lot of people like to do work in their front and back gardens creating waste of leaves and branchesDon’t not disposed of properlyCan fall into the guttersAnd create long-term problems.With the festive season around the cornerMost of those want to be enjoying time with our friends family and loved onesAnd not worrying aboutBlocked pipes!

Many of those have people visiting over the holidays and this can cause its own problems with new people in the house who don’t necessarily knowWhat your drainage systems can take.With all the housesPipes can be a lot smallerAnd can have a built-up residue over the years, Some are those who have new build might be able to put a lot more down the sinks but your system simply can’t handle it! To stop this becoming a larger problem Make sure to tell visitors coming to your homeWhat is appropriate to put down the sinks in toilets, But in theEventsAll the clubs partyKnow that you are safe in the hands of Our trustee and reliable Engineers and Drain blockage specialists Can come to your home company or school 24 hours a dayTo sort out any problems you’re having.

Another common problem is that Christmas time a lot of people are introducingA new pet into their family. The last thing you’re going to be worried aboutAnd the catches a lot of people outIs the animal danderCan shed very quickly Forming balls And if not vacuumed Everyday then can end up in your drains and pipes. Here at we’ve dealt with all kinds of animal dander problems As well as animals themselves caught in peoples drains!

It is all our responsibility to be taking extra care to look after our environment. A lot of drain unblocking ProductsAre filled with nasty chemicalsThat That once they are in your drainEnd up in our seasAnd can cause problems for the whole planet.Why use nasty chemicalsWhen you can get aFully trained Friendly local trades persons To come and help you out in your time of need.

We wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy New Year at – You can rely on us for all of this holiday seasons plumbing needs!