We believe professional, expert grade plumbing is one thing that can set a perfect home and business apart from the rest in today’s unstable market. We believe that is unavoidable that everyone will need a plumber some point in time. This is a story from a customer who needed our services recently and wrote in to describe their experience.

“We had just come back from holiday find that our living room ceiling had completely fallen apart in collapsed into the room with water dripping down. The water had ruined the carpet as well as the sofas and had also caused electrical damage to the television and our sons game console. After calling 24 hour plumbers, they arrived within 20 minutes and had already shut off the water and set about looking for the problem.”

“They quickly found that we had a small leak in a pipe in the upstairs bathroom and that this water head run over to the living room ceiling in created a pool there, when this pool got too much, the ceiling let go. It’s very bad luck that this happened whilst we were away. However, it was made much easier by the professional attitude of 24 hour local plumbing as well as their friendly and affordable nature. They replaced all of the pipes in the bathroom and provided dehumidifiers to start drying out the lounge so that we could get someone to rebuild the ceiling. Overall, an extremely professional and friendly experience making a difficult time much easier.”

We tell these stories in an attempt to educate customers on the importance of keeping up with regular checks on your plumbing installations. If you haven’t had you plumbing surveyed in a while, call now to get a quote, no commitment necessary and no call out charge! We can come and check your home for any issues as well as repair anything we find on the same day, if requested.

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